Adriaan Vuik


Research interests

I have worked on the impact of electrostatics in Majorana nanowire devices. These devices, consisting of a semiconducting nanowire in proximity to a superconductor, are controlled with electrostatic gating. I studied how screening by the superconductor and by charge in the wire changes the various properties of the Majorana devices, such as the shape of the topological phase diagram and the energy oscillations of two overlapping Majorana modes. Currently, I’m working on electrostatic simulations in 3D of these devices, which allow for a study of transport. A second focus is on nonlocal conductance in normal metal - superconductor - normal metal junctions. These junctions show nonlocal effects when an electron in one lead Andreev reflects as a hole in the other lead, forming a Cooper pair in the superconductor consisting of electrons from two spatially separated leads. I study how this process depends on the properties of the junction and how it characterises the superconductor.

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PhD student in theoretical physics, Delft University of Technology


M.Sc. in Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology


B.Sc. in Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology