Pablo Pérez Piskunow


Research interests

My curiosity covers many areas in physics and other sciences but my focus is in Condensed Matter Physics, the modeling and simulation of low-dimensional materials. I started with the study of transport properties of graphene and the consequences of laser illumination. Using Floquet theory I stumbled on the emergence of laser-induced bandgaps and topological states. Naturally, I immersed myself in the study of topological properties of condensed matter systems and of Floquet Topological Insulators. Now, at the Theoretical Physics group, I am studying topological properties together with superconducting mesoscopic systems to discover new physics, where the special case of topological superconductors that can host Majorana fermions is an exciting example.

Contact information





+31 6 295 44118


F308, Lorentzweg 1, 2628CJ, Delft, The Netherlands.


I had a great experience doing my PhD in Córdoba, Argentina, and I am greatful to Luis Foa Torres, my advisor, Gonzalo Usaj, my co-advisor, and many collaborators such as Carlos Balseiro, Hernán Calvo, Horacio Pastawski and Stephan Roche for all the work we shared.


Postdoc Researcher at the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, department of Quantum Nanocience at TU Delft, The Netherlands.


PhD student at the Faculty of Mathematics, Astronomy and Physics, National University of Córdoba, Argentina. Thesis on the Effects of Radiation on the Transport Properties of Graphene: Floquet Topological States Induced by Laser.